Born in Geneva, Switzerland, composer Miguel Mariaca was brought up in a household where jazz, world music and classical were played daily. As he grew older, he started playing keys, percussion and bass with local artists.

In 1998, he went to Scotland to study audio engineering, then came back to work in one of the biggest commercial studio in Switzerland, Relief Studios. He studied the art of recording and mixing with Switzerland’s best acts. During this time, he worked with international artists that led to a grammy nomination.

Miguel missed the more creative aspects of composing music and he started collaborating with Seven Sun, a trio of producers. With Seven Sun, he had the opportunity to explore his love of electronic music. He began songwriting and producing for pop and electronic music artists. At the same time, he enrolled in a visual communication college to understand the demands of the advertising and multimedia industry better. He then went to work on animations and adverts for agencies in Chile and Canada. Through his connections with Art Directors, he had the opportunity to write music for TV and advertising agencies. In a quest to learn more about music theory, he attended Full Sail University where he studied Music Production. He lives in Los Angeles, California and writes music for the entertainment industry.